LB Forsikring expands contents and liability insurance to cover Ukrainian refugees who move in with a member policyholder

1 March 2022

Ukrainian flags at the anti-war demonstration in Berlin

Danish ICMIF member LB Forsikring announced today that it has expanded the coverage on contents and liability insurance to cover Ukrainian refugees who have moved in with one of the mutual insurer’s 412,000+ members. The hope is to give one less worry to those who have fled here from the war in Ukraine.

“The terrible situation in Ukraine calls for us all to contribute what we can, and we can very easily do something here,” says Steen Holse Andersen, CCO of LB Forsikring.

This is the reason why Denmark’s largest member-owned insurance company is now extraordinarily expanding its contents and liability insurance, so that Ukrainian refugees living privately with one of the company’s members can be helped by the member’s contents and liability insurance.

“We know that the first Ukrainian refugees have come to Denmark, we also know that a number of Danes already house refugees privately, and it is very likely that some of our members will also do so. Here we can help by extraordinarily expanding the member’s contents and liability insurance to also cover the refugees who move in,” says Steen Holse Andersen.

The extension means that the Ukrainian refugees’ belongings in Denmark will be covered against fire damage, burglary, simple theft, robbery, water damage, vandalism damage, storm damage, traffic accidents, sudden damage and electronics damage, while the Ukrainian refugees themselves are insured by the member’s liability insurance.

“If we can support our members who have chosen to do such a big thing as take refugees into their home, and at the same time give the refugees one less worry. Then we have achieved what we wanted. We know that it does not solve the situation, but it may solve some of the minor problems that can arise when you move in with some strangers or get strangers in the house,” says Steen Holse Andersen.

The scheme applies from today and tentatively for the next three months.

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