Folksam and preVet launch a collaboration to help horse owner policyholders ensure increased health for their animals

11 June 2020


Swedish ICMIF member Folksam and preVet have this week announced that they are entering into a collaboration to improve equine health, to reduce costs for policyholders and reduce unnecessary suffering of horses. Poor health of horses and rampant veterinary costs are often the consequence when horse owners and veterinarians do not continuously document the condition of a horse or do not have sufficient information exchange between them. This can lead to ineffective care which becomes expensive for the horse owner and often involves high damages for the insurance company. For Folksam’s customers, who have their horse insured with the Swedish mutual, this means that the cost of insuring a horse is deductible by SEK 300 for everyone who uses preVet’s “HorseJournal” in connection with veterinary contacts.

preVet is an app for horse owners and the digital HorseJournal function within the app makes it easier and safer for both private and professional horse owners to communicate with veterinarians and insurance companies. Now owners, riders, veterinarians, trainers and blacksmiths can directly communicate with each other at any time about the horse’s care and health status via the preVets app. With this increased documentation, contact with the veterinarian and handling of insurance matters will be more effective.

“preVet’s digital horse journal contributes to increased horse welfare and supports Folksam in its work for an efficient and transparent business for its customers. The collaboration with preVet helps Folksam to consolidate a sustainable insurance market for animals,” says Jan Lindblom, Product Manager of Folksam Animal Insurance.

“preVet provides an innovative online horse journal that provides an exchange of information between horse owners, stables, veterinarians and insurance companies. The solution benefits both equine health and the economy in the long-term. Through cooperation with Folksam, as a major player in horse insurance, all of their horse insurance policy holders using preVet’s digital tools are offered a valuable bonus, which benefits their horse insurance policy in so many ways, says Jenny Gagnér, founder and CEO of preVet.

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