Folksam begins collaboration with pregnancy app to offer child and pregnancy insurance to its users

30 November 2022


Through a new collaboration with one of the market-leading pregnancy apps, Swedish ICMIF member Folksam hopes to increase the number of children across the country that are protected by insurance. Within the framework of the new collaboration with Preggers, users of the pregnancy app will be directly offered information and the opportunity to take out pregnancy and child insurance from Folksam.

“Almost half of all children in Sweden lack the protection that child insurance provides, which means an increased risk of not receiving the best possible support in the event of illness or accident. We believe that increasing understanding of how important it is that one’s child is insured as soon as possible after birth and what help you as a pregnant woman can get through your insurance will lead to more children receiving good insurance cover”, says Johanna Dielemans, Customer Manager at Folksam, who is responsible for the collaboration with Preggers.

Being properly insured during pregnancy can be of great importance in cases where the child is born with a diagnosis or if the pregnant woman suffers complications during pregnancy or childbirth. Folksam’s pregnancy insurance offers, among other things, crisis support and unlimited calls with a midwife throughout the pregnancy and during the child’s first year. The mutual insurer also offers the market’s highest compensation for birth injuries.

Preggers is one of the most successful pregnancy apps on the market and has over a million downloads since its launch in 2017. In the app, for example, the pregnant woman and their partner can follow the child’s development, read and share important information and knowledge connected to pregnancy and take advantage of attractive offers where insurance is an important part.

“We at Folksam always strive to be relevant to our customers, partly by offering products and services that meet the policyholder’s expectations and wishes, partly by being where they are. Through our collaboration with Preggers, we at Folksam are convinced that we can contribute to more people experiencing increased security in their everyday lives, which allows them to focus on the fantastic phase of their lives they are now in” says Josef Halldelius, Section Manager of Business Development at Folksam.

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