ICMIF member Ömsen enters the personal healthcare insurance market

21 August 2018


ICMIF member Ömsen (Finland) has launched a new type of mutual insurance cover for customers and entered the personal lines market by introducing a healthcare insurance for its local market. The company says the product was launched to help promote a healthier Åland (the autonomous Finnish province which the company serves).

Ömsen says it is looking to the future and has developed this completely new type of insurance cover with a focus on preventive healthcare into its non-life product range. The product has been launched in cooperation with healthcare provider Medimar. This is the first time the the non-life insurance company has taken on personal insurance. The goal is to give people greater quality of life through preventive measures and, in the long term, encourage healthier policyholders.

Ömsen was founded in 1866 and is one of the oldest companies in Åland. Until now the company has offered mutual, non-life insurance cover for cars, houses, companies, animals and much more. Virtually all the property insurance in Åland is provided by Ömsen. After 152 years of providing these insurance lines the company is branching out into the healthcare and personal insurance market. Ömsen chose to work with Medimar, a healthcare practitioner with many years of experience and a company which Ömsen believes maintains the highest quality services.

“We are now actively working to expand our range of non-life insurance to personal insurance and to provide our Ålandese customers with a more comprehensive range of insurance products. The goal of this work is to get healthier policyholders. The work to develop the product has been going on for almost a year in collaboration with Medimar. Prevention measures are always an essential part of our insurance offerings at Ömsen, and therefore a strong injury prevention element in our health insurance product is essential, “said Dan-Erik Woivalin, CEO of Ömsen.

“We are working hard to prepare for the launch of a variety of personal insurance policies, and we will be in a position to offer a full-range of personal insurance products to our Ålandese customers from autumn 2018,” says Sales Manager Stefan Boman.

Those who subscribe to the new insurance cover will receive healthcare knowledge and advice that helps them to improve their levels of health and also they can gain quick and easy access to healthcare when it’s needed. In order to help caregivers, there will also be a healthcare coach who can guide caregivers through the process of how to get help and advice.

“We are keen to help the elderly for example with knowledge in preventive healthcare and to provide easy-access to healthcare with short lead-times for those who need it. We are recruiting additional doctors to the Medimar clinics to help those who have their health insurance from Ömsen, says Mathias Grunér, CEO of Medimar.

Ömsen is the brand name for Åland’s Mutual Insurance Company. The company is a non-life insurance company that, until now, has focused its range of insurance cover on cars, houses, companies, animals and much more. In fact, Ömsen takes care of most of the property insurance in Åland.

ICMIF’s Chief Executive, Shaun Tarbuck, and Senior Vice-President – Membership Services, Liz Green visited Åland’s Mutual Insurance Company in early September this year and gave a presentation to the Board and other members of the senior team at the organisation. Shaun Tarbuck is pictured above with Göran Lindholm, Chairman of Ålands Mutual.

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