La Segunda celebrates 85th anniversary with the launch of online platform in Argentina

13 July 2018


This week Argentinian ICMIF member La Segunda celebrated its 85th anniversary and also launched an e-commerce site “La Segunda online”. The aim of the new site is to market online policies, whilst maintaining the valuable personal attention for its clients that the organisation prides itself on.

With a strategy that combines the digital model with the value of personalized attention, the insurer has launched its e-commerce site “La Segunda online”, where clients can complete the entire process of purchasing an insurance policy in just a few minutes.

In both the mobile and the desktop version, clients are able to complete the purchasing process in a few steps. This includes obtaining a quote; choosing the preferred cover; paying for the policy within the platform; selecting an insurance advisor to be the client’s personal point of reference; and finally to automatically receive the policy documents by mail.

“The site is already up and running. The client can enter the site and buy a car insurance policy in an agile and simple way. And we are able to offer all our plans through this channel, there is no restriction just because it is a digital channel, “said Mario Teruya, Commercial Manager of the La Segunda Group.

The site incorporates a series of innovations aimed at simplifying the way that clients can manage their policies, such as the inspection of the state of clients’ cars by images. Simply by sending four photos of a car the insurer will complete its evaluation of the state of a vehicle.

Also, if clients also choose to download NetVos, the La Segunda mobile application, they can:

  • Manage all their insurance there.
  • Report claims by voice system.
  • Locate their personal advisor or make emergency calls.
  • Report windscreen damage with a guarantee that the glass will be changed within a maximum period of two hours.
  • Choose the option to pay by Mercado Pago (a popular online payment solution in Latin America)
  • Request mechanical assistance via geolocation.
  • Find their policy documentation.

Currently the platform is operational in the CABA and GBA areas of Buenos Aires, and it will soon be extended to other locations and new types of cover will be available through the platform, such as Home and Personal Accidents.

“With ‘La Segunda online’ we will target a new group of digital consumers, adding the value of the personal touch of La Segunda, in a virtuous combination that, we are sure, will make the difference. The total service that we can provide, especially at the time of an accident, is vital and irreplaceable,” Teruya said, adding: “La Segunda is one of the main insurance groups in the country. We are where we are thanks to the fact that for 85 years we have been working side by side with our providers for 85 years. Therefore, although we actively working to introduce new innovation, for us people are always first. That is our model and we know that is the way forward”.

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