San Cristóbal wins industry awards for fraud detection utilising artificial intelligence and digital transformation leadership

21 July 2020


Earlier this year, ICMIF member San Cristóbal Seguros (Argentina) was announced as the winner of the 2020 Celent Model Insurer Award in the category for Data, Analytics, and AI, recognising innovations by the insurer in its fraud detection processes using computer vision and deep learning.

The global Celent Model Insurer Awards recognises the effective use of technology by insurers through their implementation of IT programmes that epitomise best practices for technology projects. San Cristóbal was commended for a successful use case of matching machine learning capabilities and an iterative testing cycle. The executive-sponsored internal data science group at San Cristóbal combined computer vision, artificial intelligence, and deep business operational expert partnering to transform their company culture in their efforts to fight fraud with data-driven analytics.

Nicolás Renzi, the Digital Transformation Leader at San Cristóbal, was also named as an outstanding technology leader in Latin America as one of Insurance Innovation Reporter (IIR)/Celent Five Stars Award Winners for 2020. These awards recognise executives that have used technology in innovative ways to enhance the competitive edge of their companies in the insurance markets they serve.

Nicolás Renzi joined San Cristóbal in 2011 as Head of Business Intelligence. In 2017, San Cristóbal decided that it needed to meet consumers’ rapidly evolving demand for digital products and services. The company sought a digital leader internally and subsequently gave Nicolás the title of Chief Digital Officer because of his understanding of the business and his ability to develop strategy and build teams. Renzi was chosen to lead a two-track strategy including the launch of Argentina’s first 100% digital auto insurer—Iúnigo, as well as a broader digital transformation supported by the creation of a “digital factory” capable of producing the products and services that consumers demand.

Renzi saw the need to complement internal talent with digital skills from outside the organisation. San Cristóbal’s digital factory, today consisting of more than 120 individuals and 14 teams, has brought in new capabilities, such as advanced analytics and other tools capable of processing large volumes of data, as well as expertise in digital business customer journey design, and new development techniques and methodology.

San Cristóbal launched Iúnigo in June 2018 and has debuted a variety of digital capabilities for that business and others within the group, including online quoting for both auto and home. The company launched microsites for agents in mid-2019 and a telemedicine system in March 2020 to address needs created by COVID-19.

The digital mutual

In the latest episode of ICMIF’s The digital mutual webinar series, Ignacio del Castillo, Business Analyst, Digital Transformation, shared information on San Cristóbal’s two track digital strategy and journey in the pursuit of digital transformation.

This webinar series features different case studies of how ICMIF members are harnessing the power of technologies to digitise their business and integrate digitalisation and innovation into their overall strategy, whilst maintaining their unique value proposition and member-driven focus. The different case studies look at new technological capabilities, digital innovations and strategic partnerships in the digital ecosystem as the various ICMIF members look to transform their business models and organisational culture to adapt for the increasingly digitalised world.

The recording of this webinar is available for ICMIF members to view. Please send an email to [email protected] to receive the recording link.

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