La Segunda creates an innovation platform to accelerate its cultural transformation

29 April 2019


In just 10 weeks, Argentinian ICMIF member La Segunda has created its own innovation platform, catalyzing a generation of workers to generate and execute new ideas, with the help of innovation company Parabolt. 

The aim of the platform is to transform the working culture at the La Segunda (one of Argentina’s leading insurance companies) with the help of Parabolta company that sets out to transform innovative ideas into disruptive products. The transformation has come about through Parabolt’s cutting-edge innovation platform, Kyduk. 

Agile decision-making and adapting quickly to change are just some of the challenges large organizations face. That’s something that La Segunda, after 85 years in existence, knew all too well. And so, in October 2018, they embarked upon a new adventure with Kyduk, one of Parabolt’s flagship platforms, as part of a move to transform La Segunda’s working culture. 

“Once an innovation strategy for La Segunda was drawn up, we needed a framework that would allow us to align our efforts,” said Virginia Lingiardi (pictured), Innovation Team Leader at La Segunda. “In this context, the innovation framework proposed by Parabolt was very useful in directing and ordering the process of generating ideas and developing them.” 

“The interdisciplinary approach proposed by Kyduk enabled us to develop a key dimension in transformation process: the creation of a culture of innovation,” Lingiardi added. “Through workshops and interdisciplinary teams assigned to work with ideas, innovation began to spread internally and spread throughout the organisation.” 

“At Parabolt, our goal is to replicate the concept of community and to be a single team with the organisations we work with, sharing our experiences, overcoming obstacles and reaching our goals together,” said Franco TirabassoParabolt’s Innovation Catalyst.  

Those who understand the process in depth are aware that opportunities for innovation can be found anywhere in an organisation, and could come from any collaborator. After identifying specific problems through interviews with La Segunda executives, an innovation workshop was held with participants from all areas of the company that facilitated the capture of a multiplicity of ideas. “And that,” says Lingiardi, “is where the fun really began! 

Just like a start-up in its fledgling days, initially the new ideas generated were only concepts. To support their development, teams were formed at La Segunda to develop the value proposition, carry out a feasibility analysis and produce interactive prototypes for every initiative. Through intermediate evaluation assessments, the ideas were put in competition with each other, ensuring only the best were chosen for development and implementation.  

“Together with Parabolt, we have launched an Innovation Hub with a purpose and work processes that are closely aligned with our strategic map, in terms of customer focus, innovation and talent development,” said Lingiardi, La Segunda’s Innovation Team Leader. 

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