New video solution will help LB Forsikring give members an even better claims experience

30 September 2022

LB Forsikring - videos to record and report claims - Sept 2022

Member policyholders of Danish ICMIF member LB Forsikring can now share information with their insurer about a claim via live video. This means that over 400,000 members can now experience faster and more efficient claims processing.

When a claim handler at LB Forsikring talks to a member in future, it will now be possible to view the claim through live video. Shortly before the summer holidays, LB Forsikring entered into a collaboration with the technology company Incendium, which developed the video solution IncidentShare, which is a secure platform for live streaming.

The video solution will allow damage to be inspected within a very short time and the claims handler will be even better equipped to make the right decision about what needs to be done, for the benefit of the members.

“For us, it’s about giving our members the best experience. Previously, we only had the option of inspecting damage by sending out an appraiser or a craftsman appraiser. These require both driving and planning/coordination. Now, within a short time, we can send a video link to the member and in that way assess the extent of the damage and decide what the next step in claims processing is,” says Nadja Frandsen, Head of Department for Claims and Member Services at LB Forsikring.

Live videos help to create calm and clarity

Nadja Frandsen emphasises the way in which live videos help to create calm and clarity about the situation: “We find that the video solution helps to create a sense of calm among our members. The fact that our claims handler can watch live and see exactly what the member shows and explains gives the member an experience of being understood. In this way, we also avoid misunderstandings. This gives the claims handler clarity about the scope, which is incredibly important for further work.”

With a shared picture of the situation, the claims handler can quickly start the repair process and get either a tradesman, an appraiser or a claims service company. In this way, the members get back to normal as soon as possible after an injury.

In line with LB Forsikring’s strategy

Although the use of video is still in a start-up phase at LB Forsikring, where not all employees in the relevant departments have been trained in the solution yet, Nadja Frandsen sees great potential in the solution: “I can easily see that IncidentShare could branch out in several places in our organisation. Right now, our focus is on the claims processing itself – but I see great opportunities in the fact that in the future we can integrate the solution into our other functions.”

“Our strategy is about providing a professional, personal and digital member experience. We do this to a large extent by using IncidentShare, which is both digital and personal at the same time,” concludes Nadja Frandsen.

Before the end of 2022, the plan is for all claims handlers and valuers in the entire department to be trained in using the IncidentShare video solution.

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