P&V gives its support to the Impactdays platform to help children and young people get through the Covid-19 crisis

24 June 2020


In April, Belgian ICMIF member the P&V Group joined the public service initiative Impactdays, a platform dedicated to helping people and also offering a place where those people who wish to volunteer their help during the coronavirus crisis and offer their services. P&V now has its own page on this platform on which people can find information on a number of initiatives designed to help citizens as well as a way to ask for help or offer their services in their particular municipality of Belgium.

With the P&V Foundation, however, the cooperative insurer is going even further by proposing a number of initiatives, which are in line with the Foundation’s mission: to support active citizenship and fight against social exclusion of young people.

Opportunities for children and young people to meet

The coronavirus crisis risks putting many children and young people in social exclusion. Therefore, in collaboration with the partner organizations of the P&V Foundation, P&V has set up its own offering of assistance to help children and young people.

Through the P&V page on Impactdays, people can offer or ask for help for children and parents who are having difficulties during the coronavirus pandemic. People can also register their child and give him or her the opportunity to “meet” other young people of the same age who come from another municipality, who perhaps belong to another culture or who speak another language. P&V believes this will offer some very rewarding experiences for the children who are looking for company and to meet other children online. Through conversations online and/or by writing letters to each other children and young people are able to share their experiences of the pandemic and have someone of a similar age they can talk to.

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