P&V launches the first mobile insurance agency

18 November 2021

P&V mobile insurance unit - 20210914_194344

In September of this year, Belgian ICMIF member P&V Assurances launched a pilot project: a mobile agency where visitors can receive a free check-up of their insurance. With this initiative, P&V says it is taking an alternative route to local closures and the disappearance of designated contact persons in financial services.

Over recent years, increasing numbers of insurance offices have left town centres and municipalities to set up larger offices in a nearby large city; or they cease to have a physical presence altogether.

Often, policyholders find it difficult to get an appointment with an insurance advisor who knows their personal situation and who would therefore ensure long-term follow-up. Someone with whom the client can establish a bond of trust and someone they can count on to ensure they are properly insured and therefore lead their life with greater peace of mind. Based on these findings, P&V decided to create a mobile agency, in the form of a pilot project. In doing so, P&V is taking the opposite route to these waves of local closures and the disappearance of dedicated contact persons in financial services.

What is the project?

Each visitor to the mobile agency will benefit from the expertise of the insurance specialists present. They will take the time to examine the visitor’s insurance situation and will then provide, without obligation, advice on the adequacy of the current insurance cover in place compared to the client’s future plans and also on the grouping of policies to reduce costs. These insurance specialists are already active in the regions where the pilot is taking place and will also remain the preferred interlocutors of customers in the future.

Michel Lüttgens, member of the P&V Management Committee said: “We strongly believe in the strength of the local insurance agent. A true expert who helps and advises clients and often acts as a trustedperson. He knows his customers perfectly, which allows him to anticipate and develop the right solution, proactively. With this pilot project, we want to expand our local presence in municipalities where it is lacking today.”

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