Rio Uruguay Seguros collaborates in launch of Ayllu: a first of its kind insurance for migrants living in Argentina

24 June 2022

Rio Uruguay Seguros - launch of Ayllu - migrant insurance

On 9 June 2022, a press conference was held at the headquarters of Nacional Seguros (Bolivia) to present Ayllu, a new insurance cover which will be launched soon for Bolivian migrants living in Argentina. Ayllu will be a first of its kind coverage designed to protect the Bolivian migrant community and ICMIF member Rio Uruguay Seguros (Argentina) is one of the companies supporting this initiative. The Ayllu insurance will cover medical expenses in the case of accidents; funeral/ burial costs; and accidental death.

Ayllu will be launched by the Bolivian insurance company Nacional Seguros; with the support of Río Uruguay Seguros (RUS); the Profin Foundation, a non-profit institution that promotes financial inclusion and innovation for disadvantaged segments of the Bolivian population; broker company Sudamericana Corredores de Seguros; and, a partner of Rio Uruguay Seguros and provider of microinsurance to underserved communities in Argentina.

The objective of Ayllu will be to insure Bolivian migrants currently residing in Argentina and also, via Nacional Seguros, to insure the people in Bolivia, such as families of migrants, who are in receipt of funds being sent to them by the migrants living in Bolivia.
The very affordable cover that will be offered by this new insurance includes: medical expenses in the case of an accident funeral/burial cover and economic support for families in case of accidental death. The insurance also offers telephone medical assistance, including paediatric services and pharmacy discounts.

Juan Carlos Lucio Godoy, Executive President of Río Uruguay Seguros, explained that “the term ‘Ayllu’ refers to the set of families united by different ties of kinship, territory, economic, idiomatic, religion, and many others. This speaks to the origin of the name itself since it seeks to protect the migrant and also the family that continues to live in their native country through the provision of life and personal accident insurance. We have as a partner whose motto is ‘The first platform for the development of inclusive insurance in Latam’.”

“This insurance has coverage such as medical expenses due to accidents, medical and pediatric assistance through telemedicine and discounts in the pharmacy for the purchase of medicines to reduce the impact of health problems on the life of the migrant or his family,” continued Godoy.


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