Río Uruguay Seguros launches first transgender health insurance in Latin America

15 June 2021

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ICMIF member Río Uruguay Seguros has launched a unique new insurance cover that will allow access to comprehensive health services for transgender people in Argentina, mainly during the transition process.

Río Uruguay Seguros (RUS) cooperative devised the project to launch the first health insurance for transgender people with the aim of providing access to treatments that allow them to enjoy all-round health.

The main benefits of the cover range from surgical interventions, prosthetics, discounts on drugs for hormonal therapies to access to psychological support throughout the transition process to self-perceived gender identity.

Belén Gómez, Coordinator U-RUS (Corporate University of RUS) and the person responsible for the Institutional Management of the Board of Directors at RUS, highlighted the ongoing work of the insurer for the development of strategies designed to democratize access to insurance. “We work in insurance for equality.” As part of this work, the RUS Salud Trans insurance was developed in collaboration with the Gender, Women and Diversity Directorate of the Argentinian city Concepción del Uruguay. The insurance is currently a unique form of cover in both Argentina and in Latin America as a whole: “It is a product designed from understanding and being empathetic with the needs of transgender people in order to contribute to a better quality of life.”

Work for equality

The project which preceded this recent launch by the insurer was RUS Salud Fem, an insurance cover for conditions associated with the female gender with the same objective of guaranteeing access to comprehensive health cover for everyone. The design of the project meant that RUS sought to fully understand the needs of transgender people through different collaborations with relevant organisations, including working with the Argentinian Labour Ministry. RUS carried out a training programme for seven transgender women from the city of Concepcion del Uruguay, providing them with employment as insurance assistants. The development stage allowed interacting with the group, knowing needs and the mechanisms of access to health. Belén Gomez explained that they were long months of work to identify the needs of the group: “A very strong bond was built, and it allowed us to design a product with impact.” Under the principles of work for equality, Río Uruguay Seguros also works in locations where people’s incomes are generally low and develops a plan with municipal authorities and neighbourhood organizations to open commercial insurance premises that provide access to work for the residents of these neighbourhoods.

Río Uruguay Seguros says it is fully supportive of Pride month (June) and will continue to work for the wellbeing of people by ensuring the democratisation of insurance in pursuit of a more equitable society.

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