Río Uruguay Seguros launches this year’s RUS Accelerator with a call for proposals from insurtechs and startups to submit innovative solutions for the insurance market

23 May 2023

Rio Uruguay Seguros RUS Accelerator 2023

The RUS Accelerator is promoted by ICMIF member Río Uruguay Seguros (RUS, Argentina), Digital Insurance LatAm and the Insurtech Community Hub in order to contribute to the development of startups and insurtechs in Latin America and Europe that offer innovative solutions for the insurance market. This year’s call for proposals has the support of the Argentine Insurtech Chamber. Companies interested in participating in the this year’s call may submit their proposals until 22 June 2023.

This year, in addition to convening insurtechs and startups that contribute to streamlining the general operation of the insurance industry, initiatives that propose technological solutions for agriculture and sustainable mobility are also invited to participate.

From this fourth call for proposals, five projects will be selected to have the support of the RUS Accelerator programme and will have support to define their business model; mentoring and specialised training by insurance experts; help with product testing; connection with investors nationally and internationally; communication and visibility; among other benefits.

Companies that use advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, automation, sensors, remote sensing and the Internet of Things (IoT) to improve efficiency in agriculture and reduce environmental impact, such as those that seek to transform mobility by prioritising the care of the environment and those that offer to improve the processes of insurers, are now invited the submit their proposals for consideration.

The RUS Accelerator was born in 2019 and referred to at that time as an “Incubator”. It was a space created by the Corporate University of Río Uruguay Seguros (U-RUS) in order to generate ideas linked to knowledge, companies and entrepreneurs that offer innovative solutions for the insurance sector.

In 2022, the Incubator became an Accelerator and expanded internationally, convening not only startups and insurtech from Argentina, but also from other Latin American and European countries. Currently, the Accelerator has received more than 100 ideas; 41 projects have been selected; and more than a thousand people have been trained thanks to the project.


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