R+V offers new TeleClinic health service at time of need

1 April 2020


R+V Krankenversicherung AG, the business unit focusing on health of ICMIF member R+V Versicherung (Germany) has launched remote medical advice for their policyholders from the comfort and safety of their own homes. TeleClinic is a digital alternative to visiting a doctor’s practice, offering consultation by telephone, video or chat. This service is offered to policyholders at no extra cost. The service comes at a critical time due to the current coronavirus pandemic and the need to avoid the need to visit a doctor’s surgery and the risk of spreading the disease.

How it works

R+V customers register via the TeleClinic homepage or app (www.teleclinic.com) and then describe their concern by telephone or via an online form and then receive an appointment with the appropriate doctor. The doctor will contact them at the agreed time by phone or video. In some cases, referrals, sick notes or the prescription are sent digitally directly to the app. Prescribed medication can be obtained from one of 7,000 partner pharmacies or ordered from a mail-order pharmacy to be delivered to the patient’s home.

Other key features

  • Patients are no longer bound to the consultation hours of doctors’ practices.
  • Medical questions can also be clarified during the weekend from or on the road or even from abroad – around the clock.
  • R+V Krankenversicherung reimburses the bill for the doctor’s consultation according to the respective insured rate.
  • R+V Krankenversicherung AG has negotiated attractive rates for family doctors.
  • If necessary, the online physicians can also issue a referral to another specialist.

“With the additional offer of telemedicine, our insurance services are expanded, and we hope will become even more attractive,” says Nina Henschel, member of the board of R+V Krankenversicherung AG.

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