R+V Versicherung launches internal fundraising campaign to support workers in aftermath of floods in Germany

26 July 2021


Across many flooded villages in Germany, hundreds of people have recently lost their homes. In response to this disaster ICMIF member R+V Versicherung has declared that solidarity is the order of the day. Therefore the mutual insurer, together with the R+V STIFTUNG (R+V Foundation), has launched the “We help the helpers” fundraising campaign, in which all R+V employees were invited to participate.

R+V board doubles every employee donation

On July 19, 2021, the R+V board of directors called on all R+V employees to take part in the “We help the helpers” campaign. The company will double the amount donated by employees (up to a maximum of EUR 250,000).

Approximately 17,000 R + V employees have already proven their willingness to help many times in the past: the annual Christmas donation campaign regularly raises large sums of money where the company doubles employee donations in these instances too.

But that’s not all: R+V is also contributing EUR 70,000 to the fundraising campaign run by the Bundesverband der Volksbanken und Raiffaisenbanken (Federal Association of cooperative banks). The donation campaign of the Genossenschaftliche FinanzGruppe (cooperative financial network) is aimed at people affected by the floods across Germany.

What the donations will be used for

With the money collected through the “We help the helpers” campaign, the R+V STIFTUNG will give support to organisations that have been working on site for days without a break, from the technical relief organisation “Technisches Hilfswerk” to the Malteser relief service (an international Catholic aid organization); and to the local fire services.

“We are convinced that the donations are in good hands there, because the tireless helpers know first-hand where the need is greatest and which help is most urgently needed,” said R+V CEO Norbert Rollinger. In addition, there is a lack of technical equipment, the acquisition of which must be financed.

Further aid projects by R+V for those affected by the severe weather disaster

R+V subsidiary KRAVAG sends rescue company to Schleiden

On Saturday 17 July, the company Unitec Spezialgeräte reached Schleiden in the North Rhine-Westphalia area of Germany to provide support with heavy machinery to be used in the clear up operations there.

There and in the neighbouring municipality Gemünd, the flood had raged particularly badly over the past week. The immense quantities of water have washed away full gas tanks and around 250 vehicles into the river Olef.

In order to defuse the dangerous situation and prevent environmental damage, R+V and its subsidiary KRAVAG have launched a rescue programme. Eberhard Wilkes and his team from the R+V service provider KRAVAG Umwelt und Sicherheitstechnik GmbH (KUSS) have taken on the coordination – supported by VR Bank Nordeifel eG.

Reports so far are that the work is going well. In coordination with the local emergency services, Unitec retrieved around 40 vehicles from the river in a single day. Particular care is required when recovering full gas tanks. The fire brigade is always present there, as they have to act immediately in the event of a gas alarm.

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