Sancor Seguros launches telematics automotive insurance product in Argentina

8 June 2018


Sancor Seguros, the Argentinian member of the International Cooperative and Mutual Insurance Federation (ICMIF), has launched a new telematics auto insurance product, called Intelligent Auto.

The launch event was held in the city of Rosario (in the province of Santa Fe), as this was the testing ground for the operation and response to the product. Now, it will be progressively offered more widely to the rest of Argentina.

The launch of the new product was conducted by Juan Pablo Trinchieri, Manager of Property and Casualty Insurance at Sancor Seguros, who was accompanied by the President of the Sancor Seguros Group, José Sánchez and the regional adviser, Gustavo Badosa.

“This telematic technology that we are now incorporating into our insurance products is used in countries with higher levels of development and, with the help of our Insurer, it is also available in Argentina for automotive insurance cover”, explained Trinchieri during his speech, highlighting this new pioneering innovation from Sancor Seguros which is of Santa Fe origin.

The Intelligent Auto product sees a telematic device put inside the vehicle, which then processes data such as braking, acceleration and abrupt turns; kilometres travelled and number of hours of driving, among others. From the analysis of these variables, a score is calculated that brings personalised practical advice for a safer and more responsible driving, and also gives drivers access to better rates and various benefits associated with their cover.

All the information on the way of that a car is being driven by someone and the trips made, with the additional possibility of geolocation of the vehicle in real time, are integrated into a Sancor Seguros App.

In addition, this technology provides other associated benefits such as, for example, the possibility of detecting a serious incident and the company sending help immediately without waiting for the claim to be reported. This gets all the essential help and assistance on route to the policyholder much more quickly and without them having to make contact.

“This innovative product responds to our philosophy of always being at the forefront in the development of new lines of cover and in line with current trends. In addition, it allows us to encourage good driving practices, with road safety being one of the pillars on which we work as a socially responsible company “, concluded Trinchieri.

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