Seguros Múltiples extends Express Service to all motor policyholders

4 August 2020


One year after launching its Express Service for compulsory insurance policyholders, Cooperativa de Seguros Múltiples de Puerto Rico is now extending the Service to its 460,000 motor policyholders who currently have traditional policies.

“We continue to be the only insurance company that arrives at the scene of the accident to start the processing of the claim on the spot, thus simplifying the life of our policyholders who greatly value this unique service, as the satisfaction surveys show,” says Edwin A. Lugo, Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Seguros Múltiples.

Through the Express Service, the claim process start after an inspector receives a call to report an accident. He then either goes to the policyholder’s place of preference, whether it is the accident site, their home, office or another location. “In most cases, the inspector arrives in 20 minutes or less,” Lugo adds.

The Express Service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week in the 78 municipalities of Puerto Rico, and the cooperative has more than 120 inspectors throughout the island. The call can be made by either party involved in the accident.

In the first year, the cooperative insurer expected to attract 20% of its Compulsory Insurance policyholders to the Service but say that now the demand has tripled the expected levels.  “In just one year we have handled over 14,000 inspections through the Express Service, representing 60% of the total Compulsory Public Liability Insurance claims processed”, Lugo said.

The service is now available to Seguros Múltiples’ 460,000 car policyholders. It is particularly sought after in the current time of the Covid-19 pandemic, as customers seek to speed up the claims process without having to go to one of the service centres in person and risk contact with others unnecessarily. The inspectors wear a mask when attending an accident site, they also carry a tablet to take details as well as a distinctive vest that identifies them.

“In almost all cases, the affected party receives the pay-out of the claim the same day or in two days at most,” Lugo said.

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