Seguros Múltiples launches an express claims service

17 May 2019


Puerto Rican ICMIF member Seguros Múltiples has launched an express service for members to help to facilitate the claims process after an accident.

With the aim of providing greater agility and convenience to its customers, the Cooperativa de Seguros Múltiples has integrated its offerings with an “Express Service” that promises to facilitate the process of claiming compulsory insurance after a car accident.

The Vice President of Sales and Marketing of the Cooperativa de Seguros Múltiples, Edwin Lugo, explained that the new service will allow its members to start the processing of a claim from the location of the accident just after it has happened.

“We recognise that many people lead busy lives, so providing a fast and efficient service is essential. We have developed this product to give our customers greater convenience and to respond to their new demands and their limited time. We have spent a month with a pilot programme and so far we have solved some 1,300 claims, “said Lugo.

He also maintained that the Express Service is part of a strategy to raise the cooperative insurer’s market share from 18.7% to 20%. “We want to increase our participation. Compulsory Liability Insurance is a uniform product and offering this Express Service will allow us to make a difference. It is an attractive offer for members and is not offered by other insurers in Puerto Rico,” he added.

The programme allows the processing of a claim to start at the accident site. Lugo explained that the insured must contact the insurer straight after the accident has happened so that an inspector can come to the scene and carry out an inspection. In case the affected party does not call at the time of the collision, the inspectors will go to the customer’s preferred location. After this the insured will not have to deal with the process themselves further.

“In its first phase, Express Service is now available 24 hours a day and is currently exclusively for Compulsory Liability Insurance* policyholders at Seguros Múltiples. Eventually this new and innovative service will be available to all member-policyholders of Seguros Múltiples who have physical damage cover in their automobile policies “, added Lugo.

However, the cooperative also has 35 service centres around the Island which the member can choose to use if he/she prefers. “If at the time of establishing the claim they prefer to avail themselves of the service of these centres, where they have no cost in the estimate and the process is also agile, they can make their claim this way also”, assured Lugo.

* Compulsory Liability Insurance is a mandatory insurance contract required by the Government of Puerto Rico for all private vehicles traveling in the country.

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