Smart application from P&V has enabled the automatic detection of 137 motorbike accidents

22 March 2023

P&V LibertyRider app

Belgian ICMIF member, the P&V Group (and its brands P&V and Vivium), partnered with French company Liberty Rider to launch an app of the same name in 2020 which is dedicated to the safety of motorcyclists thanks to an intelligent algorithm. Since the integration of the app into P&V and Vivium motorbike insurance, 137 accidents have already been detected and 19 motorcyclists who were in need of assistance have been helped by an automatic call to the assistance centre via the app.

Motorcyclists are a vulnerable group on the road, with the number of accidents in Belgium increasing slightly since last year. In 2021, 2,355 motorbike accidents involving injuries were recorded in Belgium, an increase of 1.8% compared to 2020. Compared to 2012, however, the trend is downwards (3,449 accidents in 2012). However, for P&V, every accident is one too many, and to underline the importance it attaches to prevention and safety, the P&V Group, through its brands P&V and Vivium has been offering the Liberty Rider application free of charge in its motorbike insurance since 2020, for the duration of the contract.

Liberty Rider developed prevention technology using an intelligent algorithm. By using only the sensors of an ordinary smartphone, it can detect an accident very accurately. Once an accident has occurred, the application automatically activates the call for help. In addition, the integrated GPS can also signal dangerous traffic situations for motorbikes, such as a sharp bend, and alert the motorcyclist.

An app that benefits motorcyclists and contributes to safer mobility

Having introduced this intelligent digital assistant in 2020, the P&V Group is now able to confidently confirm that that this technology does indeed improve the safety of motorcyclists and reduce the consequences of accidents.

Since the app’s integration in P&V and Vivium motorbike insurance policies, 137 accidents have been detected and 19 motorcyclists in need of assistance have been helped by an automatic call to the assistance centre. Since the launch with P&V, the application has helped motorbike riders to travel more than 3 million kilometres safely during 100,000+ trips. By reminding riders when their motorbikes need servicing, Liberty Rider also helps to keep motorbikes safe and in good condition.

Twenty-one motorcyclists have testified that the app has helped them avoid an accident, thanks to warnings such as a dangerous bend coming up on their route. This highlights the impact that technology can have on improving motorcycle motorbike safety.

Patrick Schoofs, Head of Business Development Mobility, P&V Group said: “we are convinced that technology can help save lives. By offering Liberty Rider free of charge in our motorbike insurance, we want to draw attention to the motorcycle insurance, we want to draw attention to the safety of motorcyclists and thus prevent accidents. The figures show the added value of the application, which both raises awareness and protects our customers. That is why we call it “the ‘digital guardian angel’ for motorcyclists.”

Emmanuel Petit, President of Liberty Rider said: “Liberty Rider is above all a solution to a problem that I experienced on a daily basis. When I used to go to my parents’ house, I used to ride on isolated, poorly maintained and little used roads. I wondered what would happen if I had an accident and couldn’t call for help. I was surely not the only one to have this apprehension. So I decided to create the first motorbike emergency call device. Today it is a mobile application and a community of over 1,000,000 users. As you read this, every hour that goes by that’s 1,000 km being ridden protected.”

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