Sygeforsikringen “danmark” donates DKK 150 million to research projects on health and prevention

25 May 2021

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Danish ICMIF member Sygeforsikringen “danmark” has recently announced a programme through which it will donate DKK 150 million (USD 24.6 million) of its investment surplus in grants towards projects working in workplace health research, information and prevention.

Sygeforsikringen “danmark” says it wants to give back to Denmark and so contribute to the society in which the mutual insurer plays a part. Thanks to the profits from the mutual’s investments, the association now has the opportunity to support good projects in the field of health for the benefit of Danish society. This is a yearly initiative by the mutual.

All institutions, organisations and associations registered with the Danish Central Business Register and other professional environments that need funds in order to realise value-creation projects within health professional research, information and prevention are invited to apply each year.

For research projects, the main person responsible for the project must be at associate professor level or equivalent. There are three application categories: Health research, which includes all research projects, as well as health prevention and health information, both of which include all non-research projects.

Health research projects must apply for a minimum of DKK 5 million and health prevention and information projects must apply for a minimum of DKK 500,000.

It is possible to apply for a donation to a part of the project if donations have already been made from others to parts of the project. Sygeforsikringen “danmark” does not, however, in principle require that parts of the project must be financed by applicants or others.

After receiving funding and when projects are completed, recipients are asked to provide feedback on how the project has gone by writing a short evaluation so that Sygeforsikringen “danmark” can share the project’s experience and results with members and other interested parties.

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