Grupo San Cristóbal adds its support to the “Un Respiro” project for the manufacture of emergency respirators

6 May 2020

san cristo

‘Un Respiro’ (a breath) is the name given to the low-cost emergency transition ventilator developed by an Argentinian startup called Inventu, based in Rosario, together with the National University of Rosario (UNR) to try to help overcome the crisis caused by COVID-19. 

‘Un Respiro’ is an Open Source project which makes the information on plans, parts, supplies and manufacturing processes available for free download to considerably increase the production of these ventilators throughout the country.

ICMIF member the San Cristóbal Group recently announced its support to the “Un Respiro” project, with an investment of more than ARS 1,000,000 in Research & Development for this medical alternative, which is still in the testing phase. The device circulates air inside and outside the lungs of patients in a controlled manner, and in turn, monitors pressures and displaced volumes.

Given the possible shortage of ventilators, the aim is to prevent medical professionals from being exposed to patients’ high viral load.

The donation by the San Cristóbal Group is part of a programme of social assistance actions that the company is carrying out to help various organisations in the face of the pandemic. These include the donation of furniture and Personal Accident cover for volunteers at the Isolation Centre located in Rosario; support for Rosario’s Food Bank Emergency Programme to supply canteens for more than 500 social organizations; the purchase of cleaning supplies for the Fundación del Alto in the Chaco Salteño; and a donation to the Red Cross to support the #ArgentinaNosNecesita (Agentina needs us) programme.

The San Cristobal Group is an Argentine financial and insurance group with regional presence. Set up in Rosario 80 years ago and of mutualist origin, its business units include San Cristóbal Seguros (in Argentina and Uruguay), Asociart ART, iúnigo, San Cristóbal Retiro, San Cristóbal Servicios Financieros, Asociart Servicios and San Cristóbal Caja Mutual, among others. In addition, it has investments in open innovation through participations in incubators and accelerators of technology-based enterprises and has shares in different companies linked to the sector in the region.

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