Vaudoise Assurances makes a commitment to support innovation in digital health with the Future of Health Grant

25 August 2022

Medicine doctor using digital healthcare and network connection

Swiss ICMIF member Vaudoise Assurances has announced its support for the “Future of Health Grant”. The Future of Health programme was launched by CSS (a Swiss insurance group) and EPFL Innovation Park and its aim is to help start-ups specialising in digital health to stimulate innovation by providing them with the resources and the necessary funding to progress. In the future, Vaudoise says it will encourage projects which have a positive impact in the field of mental health.

The “Future of Health Grant” encourages start-ups to develop solutions that will shape digital health. The aim is to select high-impact projects that have the potential to improve people’s health; bring about change in the delivery of healthcare; or create new business models in this sector. This programme helps start-ups turn their ideas into reality through grants and privileged access to experts.

The Future of Health programme has partnered with some of the most famous names in the health industry and recognised academics from Western Switzerland to have a major impact on digital health. These industry experts have the will to achieve results and contribute their valuable networks to the success of the programme. Their involvement will help ensure that the programme is able to achieve its goals and deliver its promises.

For the purposes of this programme, digital health includes all the technologies related to health and managing data through a device. Wearable devices, mobile health, telehealth, health information technology, telemedicine and any start-ups that enhance the efficiency of healthcare delivery and make medicine more personalised and precise for a better future.

The health of the future

This initiative is based on four pillars: coaching by experts in health innovation; mentoring by industry executives; practical professional services; and grants offered to start-ups to enable them to grow their projects. “The Vaudoise Assurances Group is happy to support the innovation and growth of these young companies and thus contribute to the health of the future”, says Jean-Daniel Laffely, CEO of the company. Thanks to its support, Vaudoise will encourage projects with a positive impact in the field of mental health. This partnership demonstrates its commitment to improving health care for all.

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