Impact Investing: why and how?

Following on from our first sustainability-focused ICMIF webinar, we will be exploring impact investing, an approach that is gaining considerable traction for firms wishing to demonstrate their commitment to building a more sustainable world. This one-hour (max) seminar will be presented by The Co-operators, on Wednesday 4 September.

In May 2019, we heard about the sustainability journey at The Co-operators which started in 2008; a more recent part of that journey has been the development of its impact investing strategy. Impact investing serves to amplify the values that are upheld through The Co-operators’ sustainability strategy, while it remains as crucial as ever that The Co-operators delivers competitive financial returns. In the words of The Co-operators’ President & CEO, Rob Wesseling, impact investments create “free, positive externalities”, that is, they produce the financial returns but also have a measurable environmental or social impact. Today, The Co-operators has invested 13% of its assets (over CAD 1.2 billion) in externally verified impact investments, with much further-reaching goals for the future.

This webinar will be presented by Karen Higgins, Chief Financial Officer of The Co-operators, and Roger Beauchemin, President & CEO, Addenda Capital (the institutional asset management arm of The Co-operators Group). Karen and Roger will talk about the leadership and governance required for meaningful commitment to impact investing; the value they have created as well as the challenges they have faced; their experiences and recommendations regarding oversight; and the future outlook and aspirations.


  • Karen Higgins, Executive Vice-President and CFO, The Co-operators (Canada)
  • Roger Beauchemin, President & CEO, Addenda Capital (Canada)

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