All things cyber – what you need to know about providing cyber insurance coverage to your clients

Cyber threats are evolving, becoming more severe as well as increasing in volume. Cyber is also hitting closer to home – with farms not far behind. The interconnectivity of technology in the office, at home (sensors and smart home technologies) and on the farm (precision equipment) has made us all potential targets. In this webinar, Berkley Re discuss the cyber risks and threats in today’s world and how you, as an insurance company, can offer your clients some protection with various cyber insurance products.

Do you have a programme already but are unsure if it is the “right” programme? Are you considering creating a cyber insurance offering but don’t know where to start? Is this the first time you have even thought about the potential of offering cyber coverage to your clients? Even if you’ve already started developing your own product, the insights and advice presented in this webinar can help you.

The webinar starts by mapping the various cyber threats and then move on to look at the coverage available from personal/family, commercial and farm cyber products. It then focuses on the availability of custom turn-key programmes that can help you jump-start your cyber programme and reinsure the risk at the same time. Finally, hear about mutual companies that have successfully launched their own cyber insurance programmes (including Swedish ICMIF member Länsförsäkringar), gaining valuable perspective on the process.  


  • Michael Born, Senior Vice President, Commercial Cyber Liability Product Leader, Berkley Re
  • Jeff Cron, Vice President & Solutions Leader, Berkley Re
  • Anders Nises, Team Leader Group Reinsurance, Länsförsäkringar (Sweden)

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