Talent development with social impact: Technical Assistance opportunities through the ICMIF 5-5-5 Mutual Microinsurance Strategy

The ICMIF 5-5-5 Mutual Microinsurance Strategy aims to develop mutual microinsurance in five emerging market countries (Colombia, India, Kenya, the Philippines and Sri Lanka) to reach 5 million previously uninsured, low-income people over a period of five years. The ultimate objective being to take low-income people out of poverty through the provision of mutual microinsurance cover. One of the most popular ways in which ICMIF members are able to support this initiative is through Technical Assistance projects. These projects enable employees from member companies to complete assignments in one of the 5-5-5 countries where they can assist with initiatives such as business plan development, staff training and impact assessment.

These international assignments provide a very unique learning opportunity for employees who will be asked to apply their existing knowledge and skills to the challenge of reaching large numbers of low-income people with affordable insurance protection for the first time ever. As well as imparting their own knowledge and specialist skills to help the local project all participants so far report that the experience of working with the local project has benefitted them greatly in the day-to-day job back at their own organisation.

In this webinar, three ICMIF member employees who have participated in Technical Assistance assignments discuss the benefits they have gained from the experience and how they feel this has helped their professional development. We also hear from a local partner about the impact of Technical Assistance to their particular project.


  • Fabian Melis, Program Manager Prevention, P&V Groupe (Belgium)
  • Ellie Anderson, Innovation and Development Consultant, Thrivent Financial (USA)
  • Bas Lavalaye, Manager Control, Achmea Investment Management (the Netherlands)
  • Ahila Devi, Chief Executive of the People Mutuals, DHAN Foundation (India)

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