Strengthening MAIF’s commitment to mutual values as a mission-oriented company

In 2020, ICMIF member MAIF became the first large company to become what is known as a “company with a mission” (société à mission) in France. This involved the inclusion of its purpose and social and environmental commitments in the organisation’s statutes. This change both reaffirmed and deepened MAIF’s mutual identity and values, which are built on putting the interests of members and stakeholders at the heart of its activities and the organisation’s desire to act in favour of the common good and therefore have positive impact on society.

By becoming a mission-orientated company, MAIF chose to strengthen this commitment, making the impact of its actions measurable and enforceable. In this way, MAIF is going further than simply being a company that acts with a sense of social purpose; but whose objectives to create a more united society and sustainable world are part of why it exists as an organisation – its raison d’être.

In this webinar, Guillaume Allenet, Public Affairs Officer at MAIF presents how this mission-driven governance works and how its aim to develop a trusted and ethical business model provides the company with a competitive advantage. He also shares some recent examples of customer-centric and sustainability-focused initiatives that illustrates MAIF’s mission to make a positive difference and why MAIF is one of the most revered brands in terms of customer experience in France. Lastly, he shares how MAIF has responded to the coronavirus pandemic through a range of strong measures aimed at helping members through the crisis and making society more resilient.

The mutual advantage: Episode 5, MAIF (France)


  • Guillaume Allenet, Public Affairs Officer

In this series of bi-monthly webinars, ICMIF members from around the world present how they leverage their mutual/cooperative difference in order to gain competitive advantage in their market. In each case study, an ICMIF member shares how they embed the mutual/cooperative value proposition within their business strategy to create a positive differentiator from their competitors. Hear different examples of how mutuality makes a difference across various business functions, delivering enhanced value for member-customers and other stakeholders. We also hear how these mutual/cooperative insurers are transforming their business, in today’s rapidly changing landscape, to create a sustainable, purpose-driven, customer-centric organisation for the future.

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