Becoming a data-driven digital insurer to enhance value for customers

The digital mutual: Episode 9, Achmea (Netherlands)

With a history of more than 200 years, ICMIF member Achmea grew from a small mutual insurer to the largest insurance company in the Dutch market. Achmea’s product range includes insurance, asset management and (financial) services in all distribution channels, including through its partner organisation Rabobank. Achmea’s aim is to create a state-of-the-art insurance company which delivers value to customers and society in line its cooperative values. To achieve this, the company places special, but not exclusive, focus on five domains: (1) giving people access to healthcare services; (2) making mobility cleaner, safer and smarter; (3) secure and environmentally sustainable housing and living; (4) entrepreneurship; and (5) financial solutions for now and later. One of the main drivers in Achmea’s strategy is to do this by using technology and data as an asset to become a digital, data-driven insurer. This involves giving customers, employees and partners trusted access to their information with digital self-service. In this webinar, Achmea share the story of its digital transformation journey in recent years and look at the opportunities and challenges ahead.


  • Dimitri Van Dyck, Director of Strategy and IT Governance
  • Jeroen van den Assem, Business Information Manager
  • Henk Vlessert, Corporate Strategist

In this series of bi-monthly webinars, various ICMIF members from around the world will showcase their digital strategy and journey in the pursuit of digital transformation. In these case studies, learn how leading mutual/cooperative insurers are harnessing the power of technologies to digitise their business and integrate digitalisation and innovation into their overall strategy, whilst maintaining their unique value proposition and member-driven focus. Hear examples of new technological capabilities, digital innovations and strategic partnerships in the digital ecosystem as they look to transform their business models and organisational culture to adapt for the increasingly digitalised world.


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