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Kokumin Kyosai Co-op – ‘TASUKEAI’ in COVID-19 Damages (Japan)

Last update: 14 May 2021

Key facts

Kokumin Kyosai co-op is a not-for-profit organisation, owned, managed and utilised by members who wish to protect themselves financially and improve their living standards. Founded on the “One for All and All for One” ideal of cooperatives, Kokumin Kyosai co-op is organised on the basis of person-to-person cooperation.


Kyosai co-op stands for the National Federation of Workers and Consumers Kyosai Cooperatives. Based on the cooperative principle, Kokumin Kyosai co-op provides insurance and mutual help for its members, under the supervision of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and the Consumers’ Livelihood Co-operative Society Law.

Under the theme of “Kokumin Kyosai Co-op’s ‘TASUKEAI’ in COVID-19 Damages,” Japanese ICMIF member Kokumin Kyosai Co-op (National Federation of Workers and Consumers Kyosai Cooperatives) reported on the launch of a special website with videos of TASUKEAI that can be done by people now. These include the donation of masks to medical personnel, donations and fundraising based on the number of registered users of My Page; Kokumin Kyosai Co-op Group executives’ and employees’ donations; and publication of thank you letters to family and friends solicited via Twitter. TASUKEAI is based on the spirit of mutual support in the cooperative movement and it promotes the belief that everyone should work together to support each other against difficulties.


Mechanisms: Investments
Hazards: Zoonotic Disease

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