Case study

Zenkyoren – Provision of personal protective equipment and training on individual health promotion (Japan)

Last update: 14 May 2021

Key facts

The efforts of ICMIF members in response to the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic since 2020 have proved to be a source of great inspiration to a number of ICMIF member organisations in Japan for the way in which the various initiatives have highlighted the characteristics of mutuals and cooperatives as being organisations which typically help those in need. Zenkyoren is a cooperative organisation organised with the aim of protecting and strengthening farmers’ and living in the spirit of mutual aid and building a better society.


Zenkyoren provides guidance on farming and daily life, as well as joint purchase of production materials and living materials, joint sales of agricultural and livestock products, accepting savings, lending agricultural production funds and living funds, setting up joint use facilities necessary for agricultural production and living, and conducting mutual aid and activities in case of emergency.

ICMIF member Zenkyoren (National Mutual Insurance Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives) reported on the impact of the spread of the new coronavirus on its community contribution activities. These activities include the donation of masks to medical institutions and nursing care facilities and the release of a video on health promotion exercises for those who refrain from leaving their homes. These activities were shared with the study group under the theme of “Efforts of Japanese member organisations for COVID-19”.

Mechanisms: Awareness & Advice, Investments
Hazards: Zoonotic Disease

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