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Zenkyoren (Japan)

Last update: 30 April 2021

Key facts

Zenkyoren (National Mutual Insurance Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives) was founded in 1951 as a cooperative insurance organisation to insure members of the farming community. The 10 million member strong JA (Japan Agricultural Cooperatives) Group, to which Zenkyoren belongs, comprises agricultural cooperatives (known as JAs) at the local level and supporting organisations at the prefectural and national levels. 


Zenkyoren provides insurance products in the areas of comprehensive life, building endowment and automobile. For more information visit their website. 

Earthquake mitigation measures

Zenkyoren is undertaking discussions with local governments for the purpose of developing earthquake mitigation measures. These discussions include the organisation of disaster prevention classes using an earthquake experience device in the form of a chair and virtual reality to learn the necessity of disaster preparedness by having a realistic experience of what can happen when an earthquake strikes. 

Traffic accident prevention measures

Zenkyoren engages in various activities with the aim of helping realise a society free of traffic accidents, including traffic accident prevention measures and assistance for traffic accident victims. For example: 

  • JA Kyosai Anpanman Traffic Safety Caravan – This is a nation-wide tour with a fun show to teach traffic rules to small children, featuring the popular animated character, JA Kyosai Anpanman; 
  • Parent-Child Traffic Safety Musical – Zenkyoren holds traffic safety classes in the form of a musical all over Japan; 
  • Traffic Safety Classes – Traffic safety classes are organized for junior and senior high school students, such as demonstrations of traffic accidents caused by dangerous bicycle riding. 
  • Traffic safety awareness – Zenkyoren has shared a video on its website that explains traffic rules and courtesies which is suitable for all generations to clearly understand. Zenkyoren has also donated DVDs with the same content to elementary schools, police stations and local municipalities. 

Reborn campaign (re-use and recycling)

In order to promote the effective use of resources and protection of the global environment, Zenkyoren engages in enlightenment activities which encourage the use of reconditioned or recycled parts instead of purchasing new parts at the time of repair and overall maintenance of motor vehicles. 

Agricultural risk mitigation measures

Zenkyoren shares online tools for farmers on its website that propose measures to avoid and mitigate agricultural risks; introduce various measures to assist in cases of abnormal weather; and enable farmers to make a risk diagnosis. In addition, to reduce the high rate of agricultural work accidents Zenkyoren provides farmers opportunity to have simulated accident experience. 

Desktop and mobile phone app for agricultural risk diagnosis

An online agricultural risk diagnosis tool is provided on the company’s website. This is a rapid analysis that can be done in approximately 10 minutes. 

Agricultural work accident virtual reality experience

Zenkyoren has developed a virtual reality (VR) tool which allows farmers to experience simulated agricultural work accidents. The tool has been distributed to Japan Agricultural Cooperatives, agricultural-related organisations and agricultural academies throughout Japan. Seminars are also provided to farmers to prevent agricultural work accidents.  

Mechanisms: Awareness & Advice, Modelling & Data
Hazards: Climate Change, Multi hazard

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