Achmea launches Neighbourhood Circle mobile platform

17 April 2020


According to Dutch ICMIF member Achmea, these unprecedented times that we are all experiencing due to the coronavirus pandemic can actually reinforce the sense of togetherness and the willingness to do something for another. It has led to many great initiatives. Amongst these, Achmea has launched its Neighborhood Circle mobile app for the small, but important things that people can easily fit into their daily routine. A mobile app where supply and demand for ‘small’ requests for help within a neighborhood come together. The name in Dutch is Buurtkring.

Neighbourhood circle: it can be that simple!

The Buurtkring app is surprisingly simple says Achmea: you can register as a user and then people are connected through the Achmea Homies Alarm. Homies Alarm is an Achmea initiative which was launched last year through which the customer is connected to the most advanced social alarm response system.

If someone can use help – a few groceries, bring in the garbage bag or something else that is now difficult – five local people who have said they are willing to act as help providers will receive a WhatsApp message. This creates a neighbourhood circle chat group in which it is discussed who will provide the help to the person requesting it. The range is 1 kilometre, and so people should always find help close to where they live.

Bianca Tetteroo, Vice-Chair of the Executive Board of Achmea said: “Our society is now based on solidarity and connection. The situation surrounding the coronavirus lowers the threshold for looking for that connection and doing something for someone else. Especially if it is only a small effort. The Buurtkring platform meets this need.”

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