MAIF repurposes “Share Entraide” platform to help people find assistance across France during pandemic

6 May 2020


ICMIF member MAIF (France) is using a platform created by the MAIF Prevention Association (l’association Prévention MAIF), Share Entraide, to help people during the pandemic who are isolated or unable to do their essential shopping and who need someone to help them with these tasks. The platform can also help people such as care workers to find a vacant property (rather than just a room in their home) that could be used as temporary accommodation. The platform works both ways, people can post an announcement to say they need help or those who can assist can post to say they can help others.

The platform works like an online announcement system covering all of France and is free to use for everyone – both members and non-members of MAIF.

Although the Share Entraide platformwas initially developed by the association Prévention MAIF to offer support and mutual aid during climate-related events, the association has adapted it for the current situation and to meet needs brought about by the pandemic.

The three main objectives of the MAIF Prevention association are: raising awareness, information and education. Its action programmes are mainly run in schools, but it also works with adults and is committed to providing lifelong safety education.

More information about Share Entraide can be found at .

In April, MAIF also announced exceptional measures to deal with the coronavirus pandemic when the Board of Directors decided to pass on the savings achieved as a result of the reduction in road accidents during the containment period to its member-policyholders.

Based on an eight-week containment period, the estimated savings compared to a normal situation amounts to approximately EUR 100 million. As a result, MAIF has decided to pay this sum to its members who hold a motor insurance policy and who are up to date with their contributions. This represents a lump sum payment of EUR 30 euros per insured vehicle.

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