MAIF passes on EUR 100 million in motor claims savings to its member-policyholders during coronavirus containment period

3 April 2020

maif road

French ICMIF member MAIF has announced exceptional measures to deal with the coronavirus pandemic that is disrupting the daily lives of its members and stakeholders. On 1 April, the Board of Directors decided to pass on the savings achieved as a result of the reduction in road accidents during the containment period to its member-policyholders.

Containment across France has led to a significant decrease in the number of motor vehicle accident reports. Based on an eight-week containment period, the estimated savings compared to a normal situation amounts to approximately EUR 100 million. As a result, MAIF has decided to pay this sum to its members who hold a motor insurance policy and who are up to date with their contributions. This represents a lump sum payment of EUR 30 euros per insured vehicle.

Eligible MAIF policyholders have the choice between receiving the proposed sum in cash or donating it to three associations that are working particularly hard during the pandemic: the Fondation des Hôpitaux de Paris-Hôpitaux de France, the Institut Pasteur and Secours Populaire. In this way, the MAIF community is helping to make an impactful contribution to those most at risk.

“The greater MAIF community is touched and stands together”

Dominique Mahé, President of MAIF and Pascal Demurger, Director General, expressed their deepest solidarity with all those who are going through this health crisis. “The large MAIF community is affected and is standing together. We are acting wherever necessary, with the constant concern to deliver the right answers to the most exposed members. This mobilisation at all times is made possible by our mutualist model. More than ever, let us be united!”

Last year, MAIF, whose raison d’être is based on a commitment to its members and stakeholders, became the first large French company to become a mission-oriented company, as defined by the PACTE law. Faced with the growing challenges of social fracture, climate emergency and digital disruption, MAIF took this unprecedented step as a socially responsible insurer. In its transformation towards a new business model., MAIF reaffirms and strengthens its commitment to contribute to a positive impact on society.

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