Achmea publishes research into the climate resilience of homes in the Netherlands

18 June 2020


Dutch ICMIF member Achmea has conducted research into the climate resilience of homes in the Netherlands. The organisation investigated the current levels of knowledge of Dutch people on this subject; what their thoughts are on this topic and whether they have already taken measures to prevent climate-related problems at their homes or whether they are planning to do so. The study was conducted online in April 2020 among 1,001 Dutch people aged 18 years and above by research agency MWM2 and the second Achmea Climate Adaptation Monitor report, published this month, shared the findings of the research. The first edition of the Monitor was published in July 2019.

According to Achmea’s Climate Adaptation Monitor, many Dutch people only think about the effects of climate change on their homes after a violent storm or heat wave. More than half are little to not worried about possible problems for their home due to the changing climate. However, almost 70% say they consider a climate-proof home to be important. However, little is known about what that actually means the report says.

In recent months, two-thirds of people have experienced problems in and around their homes as a result of extreme weather conditions, the study found. If people experience problems, it is mainly due to heat or rainfall. However, people certainly do not always blame severe weather conditions on the changing climate, according to the report.

As seen in the findings of last year’s Climate Adaptation Monitor from Achmea, more than half of Dutch people are little to not worried about their home due to the changing climate. This is because they have already taken measures or because they think they have enough time to take measures. However, it seems difficult to estimate how well their home is or should be protected against the effects of climate change.

Almost 70 percent of the Dutch say they consider a climate-proof home important and believe that they are partly responsible for it. In addition, more than a quarter of Dutch people say they want to take measures to make the home more climate proof. But what exactly can people do is a question many do not have the answer to. There is still much unknown in terms of how people can contribute to both a sustainable and safe way of living and sustainable/safe living environments.

As a cooperative insurer, Achmea wants to increase awareness of climate change. The organisation hopes to increase attention on the possibilities to limit or prevent damage and problems which arise from extreme weather conditions. In addition to insurance, Achmea is offering an increasing number of services that help customers to reduce climate-related damage on one hand, and to reduce their CO2 footprint on the other. This is in order to contribute to a sustainable and safe living and living environment. Examples of this include the green roofs that Achmea brand Interpolis offers to private customers; the solar panels and insulation service from other Achmea brands Centraal Beheer and BlueLabel, which enable municipalities and housing associations to better respond to increasing flooding and heat stress in cities.

Achmea Climate Adaptation Monitor (PDF in Dutch)

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