Anadolu Sigorta’s “juno” app for digital-savvy millennials wins global industry award for transforming the customer experience

30 March 2022


Turkish ICMIF member Anadolu Sigorta has been announced one of the winners of Celent’s Model Insurer Program 2022 in the Customer Experience Transformation category, for its digital insurance “juno” mobile application, aimed at the millennial generation.

The Celent Model Insurer awards were launched 16 years ago and recognise the effective use of technology in different areas critical to success in insurance, providing practical insights and examples of innovation. Transforming the customer experience is increasingly important to insurers who are looking to differentiate themselves and drive sustainable growth. This award commends the work Anadolu Sigorta is doing to improve the experience for prospects, policyholders, distributors, vendors and other constituents.

Established in 1925, Anadolu Sigorta is today one of Turkey’s largest insurance carriers. Anadolu Sigorta’s juno platform delivers protection products that are well-designed to engage both the changing consumption behaviours and service expectations that underserved millennial’s demand.

Celent noted that Anadolu Sigorta’s experience in developing the juno platform provides a helpful case study on the approach that insurance companies can take to design, develop, and deploy a digital end-to-end platform targeted at engaging a well-defined and specific segment of new customers.

For Celent, a digital end-to-end platform must ultimately make a customer feel like a part of a broader community with whom they share values and perspectives, and they felt Anadolu Sigorta’s juno platform and services are a great example of this. Anadolu Sigorta’s offer features a compelling value proposition and related services that deeply resonate with their target customers of the digitally-savvy, younger generation.

This is the second year in a row that Anadolu Sigorta was announced as a Celent Model Insurer. In 2021, it won in the Data, Analytics and AI category, for its organised fraud detection via social network analysis. This use case of fraud detection with machine learning capabilities and datasets integration, identified suspicious individuals and claims in the insurance industry through the application of graph theory in social network analysis.

Commeting on the award, Mehmet Abacı, Deputy General Manager said, “Last year, Anadolu Sigorta won an award in the same competition with our ‘Organised Fraud Detection with Social Network Analysis’ project. This year, we are honoured to again receive global recognition for our mobile application juno, which offers a different experience from the traditional insurance understanding”.

Kerem Erberk, Deputy General Manager added that the insurer’s work on practical and fast digital insurance solutions that make customers’ lives easier is gaining momentum with each passing day. “While the recognition of our successes makes us happy, it also shows how well our work is progressing. By developing our juno platform, which mainly appeals to young people with different services and experiences, we will continue to be at the forefront with new applications in the coming period”.

A case study of how Anadolu Sigorta detected organised fraud via social network analysis was featured in an ICMIF webinar in 2021, part of its “The digital mutual” series.  This webinar series features case studies of how leading mutual/cooperative insurers are harnessing the power of technologies to digitise their business and integrate digitalisation and innovation into their overall strategy. It includes examples of new technological capabilities, digital innovations and strategic partnerships in the digital ecosystem as ICMIF members look to transform their business models to adapt for the increasingly digitalised world.

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