Anadolu Sigorta looks to grow InsurTech ecosystem through new open API platform

8 February 2021


Turkish ICMIF member Anadolu Sigorta is contributing to the digitalisation of the insurance sector with the launch of its new Open Insurance Platform. Individuals and new ventures in the financial and insurance sectors are invited to use the open source platform to create new products and customer experiences, as Anadolu aims to grow the digital insurance ecosystems across the sector.

Due to the pandemic, the transition to remote working systems has required an acceleration of the digitalisation of its business models. Anadolu Sigorta has therefore been searching for new innovative projects that simplify the lives of both its employees and customers. One example is the implementation of a new mobile platform Biz Bize (in English: “We Are Us”), a practical application that creates a common meeting point for Anadolu Sigorta’s employees and facilitates internal HR communications.

Anadolu Sigorta is continuing to pioneer digitalisation in the Turkish insurance sector through the commissioning of new APIs via the first Open Insurance Platform. Supporting the digitalisation of its agencies by enlarging the digital insurance ecosystem, Anadolu Sigorta aims to contribute to innovative business solutions that help new initiatives emerge in the InsurTech sector.

Providing services to 260 API across 16 business areas in the Open Insurance Platform, Anadolu Sigorta has 158 business partners actively using the platform. Five million transactions are carried out on the platform on a daily basis.

Explaining how Anadolu Sigorta continues to work on developing the platform in order to provide a better insurance experience to its customers, Deputy General Manager and Chief Information Officer Mehmet Abacı said, “Our platform supports the creation of innovative ideas in the insurance ecosystem and enables customers to receive value-added services from different channels. It simplifies insurance processes and makes them accessible to everyone so that our business partners can quickly access the services we provide. At Anadolu Sigorta, we attach great importance to the ease in which our customers can access our insurance services to help make their lives easier. That is why we also support these InsurTech initiatives.”

The Open Insurance Platform offers many services across different functions, such as underwriting, claims, finance and assistance.

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