Dina Försäkringar and Landshypotek Bank deepen their collaboration to increase value for customers and increase market share

7 June 2022

Spring in the countryside of Småland in Sweden

Swedish ICMIF member Dina Försäkringar and Landshypotek Bank have announced that they are deepening the collaboration between the two customer-owned companies. It is a collaboration that began in 2019.

Thanks to the collaboration, more customers across Sweden will have the opportunity to have loans and insurance that are competitive, secure and simple. The two organisations say they believe their collaboration will strengthen their market power and increase the value customer receive from the two companies, which are both customer-owned and work for a safe everyday life for housing and business throughout Sweden.

Landshypotek’s customers will be offered benefits when they buy their home insurance from Dina Försäkringar. At the same time, the two customer-owned companies will collaborate to an even greater extent on market presence and local customer activities of various kinds.

Dina Försäkringar and Landshypotek have a strong foothold in Swedish agriculture and forestry and are also united by being owned by their customers. This provides a constantly close customer perspective and a starting point in people’s everyday lives in all customer contacts and in development work.

“We both have a long history with roots in the green industry. We are located locally and try to be as close to our customers as we can. We are now deepening our cooperation and offering Landshypotek Bank’s customers benefits when they buy insurance from us. We will also participate together in various activities and events because we see customer benefits in being able to offer a complete solution for a safe everyday life and successful business,” says Gunilla Svensson, CEO of Dina Försäkring AB.

“Both we and Dina are driven by being close to customers and, with a focus on our niche, offering safe solutions on good terms. We believe that it is best to do what you are best at and to jointly strengthen our power in the market and increase customer value through a broadened offer to customers. We have a strong common ambition to use secure and competitive loans and insurance to contribute to good housing and developed agricultural entrepreneurship throughout the country,” says Per Lindblad, CEO of Landshypotek Bank.

Customers at Landshypotek Bank were able to take advantage of the benefits at Dina Försäkringar from 31 May 2022.

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