Dina Försäkringar becomes part of the circular economy through cooperation with Omocom

23 February 2022

Aerial view of red car for traveling with a roof rack on a country road in Finland

Since the beginning of this year, Swedish ICMIF member Dina Försäkringar has provided insurance cover for motor insurance products offered by insurance intermediary Omocom. The intermediary distributes insurance solutions to various online motor sharing platforms in Sweden including Hygglo, Heap Carsharing and Blocket.

“There is a rapidly growing range of sharing platforms for motor vehicles and people who carshare want to be able to insure their vehicles,” said Johan Nordlöf, Managing Partner at Dina AB. “We want to support the emerging sharing economy, to meet the existing insurance needs and thus be able to participate and contribute to sustainable development and therefore the use of existing resources increases. Thanks to the collaboration with Omocom, we now have that opportunity and can in a cost-effective way ensure that users of sharing platforms get the security they want and need,” Nordlöf continued.

Omocom’s business concept is to create conditions for increasing the usage of existing resources by offering insurance solutions that will contribute to more people daring to take the step of sharing these resources with each other or buying used products. The company is a registered insurance intermediary and distributes insurance to several different digital platforms.

“Products and conditions are developed in consultation, but Omocom takes care of all distribution,” Johan continued. “In this first phase, the collaboration is focused on the market in vehicle sharing, but in the long run there may be more markets and other types of platforms. We are very happy and expectant about this new business opportunity and it will be exciting to be a part of Omocom’s future investments,” he concluded.

Omocom’s insurance solutions are currently offered throughout the Nordic region as well as in Spain, Portugal and Germany. Dina Försäkringar will be the insurer for Omocom’s motor business and the collaboration is part of the Dina Group’s strategic decision to invest in group business and partner collaborations.

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