Grupo San Cristóbal presents its first Sustainability Report

22 March 2019


Argentinian ICMIF member, Grupo San Cristóbal (The San Cristóbal Group) has this month published its first Sustainability Report, corresponding to the financial year 2017/2018. The report contains information about the economic, environmental and social impacts of the operations of its various business units. In line with international best practice, the preparation of the report was carried out in accordance with Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards.

In order to create the first-ever Grupo San Cristóbalsustainability report, a sustainability team was created. The team included individuals from across the organisation which guaranteed the representation of all the areas of the business. The report will be used as a tool to demonstrate the accountability and transparency in the management of companies that make up the San Cristóbal Group.

“We are transforming our management approach and enhancing the deep social participation that the Group’s Business Units have historically always had. We are re-evaluating the economic impact of causes with each of the investments made by San Cristóbal Seguros and reviewing the consequences on the environment caused by our operations. We know that it is a laborious process, but we believe that we can start this process from the ideal position and that is the mutual nature of the Group which is one of our most valuable assets”, said Exequiel Arangio, Head of Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility at Grupo San Cristóbal.

The document shows how the Group’s sustainability strategy has been built based on five pillars that are derived from the strategic aims of the organisation: commercial and business strength; focus on the client; development of the value chain; community and the environment; culture and organisational talent. Grupo San Cristóbal has always driven by the belief that it will only be possible to achieve a sustainable business, if socially responsible and inclusive behaviour is adopted with its stakeholders and that it works towards the sustainable development of the communities where the Group is present.

The preparation of the report included a process of materiality study, involving all the Group’s stakeholders identifying the key issues which have a significant impact on the economic, environmental and social dimensions of the organisation, and/or looking at the level of influence of the interest groups within Grupo San Cristóbal in their evaluations and decision-making. This materiality process was carried out following the methodology suggested by the GRI Standards and was developed in three stages: identification, prioritisation and validation.

The Grupo San Cristóbal formalized its support of the United Nations Global Compact in November 2018 and this first sustainability report from the Group presents an analysis of its contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and an explicit commitment to the 10 Principles of the Compact which relate to human rights, labour standards, care of the environment and anti-corruption. This report also acts as Grupo San Cristóbal’s first Communication on Progress (CoP) for the Global Compact. Submitting an annual CoP is considered to be at the heart of a company’s commitment to the UN Global Compact and provides valuable information to its stakeholders.

Our intention is to continue in 2019 with our CSR programmes, broadening the scope and participation in our sphere of influence. Developing our value chain, deepening material issues that strengthen the business and consolidating management with a triple-impact approach”, concluded Arangio.

The first Sustainability Report of the San Cristóbal Group can be downloaded here (in Spanish).  

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