Lawcover goes live in Australia with SaaS core systems

5 October 2021

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Australian ICMIF member Lawcover is accelerating its digital transformation by leveraging the Duck Creek Suite OnDemand to improve the service it provides to the New South Wales, ACT, and Northern Territory legal communities in Australia.

In September it was announced that Lawcover, a provider of professional indemnity insurance to law firms in New South Wales, ACT, and NT, and a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Law Society of NSW, had gone live with the Duck Creek Suite, implementing it via Duck Creek OnDemand, the provider’s SaaS solution for the P&C and general insurance industry.

Lawcover says its goal was to transform its business by, among other initiatives, replacing its aging legacy systems and migrating its legacy policy, party, and claims data to its new Duck Creek solutions. Despite starting the project in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic and relying on remote work to implement core modules of the Suite (policy, billing, claims, and insights) in a SaaS environment, the project was completed due to the flexible nature of Duck Creek OnDemand and its ability to be configured and deployed by teams working from multiple parts of the world. Post go-live, Lawcover was able to renew 95% of its book in three months. The implementation was completed by Duck Creek’s Professional Services team, and data migration was completed by Duck Creek’s partner Coforge, using its accelerators for legacy data migration.

“Our focus is protecting and supporting the professional indemnity needs of our insured law practices and the lawyers who practice within them,” said Lawcover CEO Kerrie Lalich. “Duck Creek OnDemand gives us important tools we need from a technical perspective to continue pursuing our goals. This is a decision we know will serve us well into the future as we move toward a digitised and highly customer-focused service model.”

Duck Creek Technologies’ fully integrated Suite accelerates agility by managing across solutions. The Duck Creek Suite provides the modern features and functionality needed to support business transformation and give insurers a competitive advantage.

OnDemand is Duck Creek’s cloud-based, SaaS delivery solution for all Duck Creek applications, providing all services, support, and computing resources insurers need. Duck Creek says that by leveraging the best available technology and continuously delivering new functionality to solve ever-changing insurance business challenges, its OnDemand solution enables a fundamentally new approach to competing in today’s industry — one where technology supports strategy, rather than dictating it.

Shaji Sethu, Managing Director for APAC at Duck Creek Technologies said: “We are thrilled that Lawcover has chosen SaaS core systems they know they can rely on now and in the future. Empowering their team with our solutions enables the insurer to focus on its customers instead of legacy systems maintenance, and we look forward to helping Lawcover continue to confidently protect and support the needs of its insureds.”


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