MAIF renews the freeze on its auto insurance rates for 2022

22 June 2021

Vignette Maif sur arriere de vehicule visuel confinement et mesure prise en faveur des societaires (pendant la periode du Coronavirus)

Convinced that solidarity is the only viable solution to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, ICMIF member MAIF (France) has taken exceptional measures from the start of the pandemic to help its members. As the gradual exit from the crisis began, MAIF has persevered and showed solidarity for the second year in a row.

In March 2020, MAIF took the unprecedented and pioneering decision to donate EUR 100 million to its car policyholders during the first lockdown in France following a fall in claims as people were not driving their cars. This was then followed by another strong measure from the mutual insurer for its members: the freezing of car insurance prices for 2021. These two strong acts were decided according to two key principles for the insurer: it was out of the question that MAIF would derive any benefit from the crisis and solidarity had to be strengthened vis-à-vis everyone.

“Solidarity is at the heart of our model and our mutualist values. It is still expressed today by a strong decision, illustrating our desire to remain present alongside our members,” said Dominique Mahé, Chairman of the MAIF Group.

While the gradual exit from the crisis has now begun, MAIF notes that its economic consequences are still very much present and continue to weigh on the daily lives and budgets of many people in France. MAIF has decided to persevere and continue to show solidarity over a longer period of time. This is why it announced last week, for the second consecutive year, the freezing of car insurance prices for the year 2022*. Despite an increase in claims and auto repair costs, MAIF can rely on its financial strength to stand in solidarity alongside its members.

True to this stance of solidarity, the Board of Directors at MAIF has also decided to freeze prices for associations, communities and businesses for the second consecutive year (auto and multi-risk contracts).

“Faced with an unprecedented economic and social crisis, we are choosing long-term solidarity. Convinced that companies have the capacity, and therefore the responsibility, to work for the collective, we will continue to act with the means we have in order to support our members as long as the situation requires,” said Pascal Demurger, Managing Director of MAIF Group

* For all vehicles insured in 2021 under identical conditions and guarantees, with identical bonus-malus, excluding effects linked to individual claims, excluding end of specific measures.

Image: © Alex Giraud/MAIF

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