Panal Seguros celebrates 17 years of member trust with the launch of new branding

28 February 2020


Earlier this month, ICMIF member Panal Seguros S.A. (Paraguay) celebrated the organisation’s 17th anniversary with the unveiling of its new branding and slogan “SentíLaConfianza” which emphasizes the trust and confidence that members have in the brand. The event was attended by the entire Panal Seguros board along with shareholders, collaborators and special guests.

About Panal Seguros S.A.

In February 2003, Panal Seguros began operations as a company, seeking to position itself in the insurance market with two major leading cooperatives in Paraguay: La Cooperativa Universitaria and Cabal Paraguay (both providers of credit card services to the Paraguayan cooperative sector).

Panal Seguros’ goal when the business was created was very clear; they wanted to lead the insurance market in Paraguay, focusing on the customer, with innovative and efficient management and training its employees to provide the best service.

The President of Panal Seguros S.A., Dr. César Cruz Roa, said in his anniversary speech: “This anniversary brings with it new challenges, one of them and the most important, is the change of our corporate image, and maintaining the values that are part of our principles and values.”

“We have 17 years of experience, commitment to people, honesty in our work and the trust of all our customers and shareholders, who allow us to continue working with great dedication today,” he added.


After 17 years, Panal Seguros S.A., says that whilst the organisation remains true to its original values, the anniversary celebrations were a great opportunity to transform the organisation and to launch a fresh advertising campaign, with which it aims to reach the hearts of people in Paraguay; with honesty, transparency and, above all, trust.

The transformation of Panal Seguros S.A. initially consists in changing the corporate image of the company but they have also sought to modernize the corporate vision and connect with the appropriate market segments. The organisation says it believes that change is the only constant in life, so renewal is necessary, and that was the premise to promote the modernization of the company’s image. This transformation is based on strategic planning that the company has been working with the Don Cabral Foundation, a Brazilian business school.

Panal Seguros S.A. says it is very happy and satisfied with what it has achieved over the last 17 years of experience, their commitment to people, honesty in their work and the trust of all their customers and shareholders, which drives the organisation to continue working with great dedication today. This new anniversary brings new challenges, one of them and the most important is the change of our corporate image.

The company says it has a dedicated team of people all of whom are committed to the objectives of Panal Seguros S.A. The company has grown and implemented improvements on an ongoing basis, it has adapted to meet the changing needs of society and they believe has made them one of the most relevant companies in the sector and helped them to achieve the satisfaction of their customers.

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