Profit that makes you happy: Univé highlights cooperative difference with new brand campaign

14 September 2023


ICMIF member Univé (Netherlands) recently launched a new brand campaign: Profit that makes you happy. With a TV commercial, which will also be shown on various online platforms and in shops, and four radio commercials, the cooperative insurer emphasises the added-value to members and society of being not-for-profit member organisation.

“With this brand campaign, we show who we really are. As a member organisation, Univé gives the money it has left over back to its members and to society in many ways. In this way, we create social added-value in addition to our services; this is the profit that benefits us all,” says Ron Bavelaar, Chairman of the Management Board, CEO of Coöperatie Univé.

To the general public, Univé is known as an insurer and intermediary. With its brand campaign Profit that makes you happy, Univé wants to show what the cooperative stands for. “As a non-profit cooperative, Univé puts its members’ interests first. That is why the money we have left over benefits members and local communities, in all kinds of forms. For example, with the Univé Neighbourhood Fund, which helps young people to realise their own ideas to make the neighbourhood nicer and safer with funding and by sharing knowledge and expertise. But also with services through which we help members prevent or limit damage and suffering,” says Ron Bavelaar.

Examples of these prevention initiatives include, evening talks with an ex-burglar, the cyber helpdesk and supporting local sports clubs so that sports are brought closer to everyone. But also stable premiums and premium refunds. “With advisers ready for our members online and in more than 100 local shops, we help them feel secure in their neighbourhood,” adds Ron Bavelaar.

Bringing profit to life for members and society

To make Univé’s cooperative profits tangible with the brand campaign’s expressions, Univé, in collaboration with DEPT® and campaign director Ottilie Maters, opted for a story that shows how the money left over by Univé benefits the neighbourhood, with examples that bring the brand to life.

“For example, we see local initiatives with which we make the neighbourhood finer and safer. Like the contribution to road safety and to the wheelchair basketball sports club we support. With the commercial, we let viewers feel exactly what the cooperative and profit that makes you happy stands for,” explains Michelle Rienks, Manager, Strategy, Brand & Communication. “The closing line ‘Less alone, more together’ – represents the strength of the cooperative and sums up well what Univé has to offer, both to members and society.”

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