P&V Assurances launches Fixiteasy: the first “all-in” platform for home repairs

1 March 2019


Belgian ICMIF member P&V Assurances has launched Fixiteasy: the first “all-in” platform in Belgium that quickly finds authorised professionals to carry out home repairs. With a warranty for the work completed and online payment included.

P&V Assurances is the first Belgian insurer to launch an online platform for housing-related repairs, from the request for intervention to the payment, including a warranty on work carried out. The platform can be used by anyone, whether they are customers of P&V or not.

Repairs performed by an authorised repairer, quickly and safely

Using the Fixiteasy platform people submit a simple request for a repair via fixiteasy.be, a price will be displayed once the submission is made and the applicant is contacted within a maximum of 30 minutes. The work is then carried out by an authorised repairer.

Payment is made via the platform, after the completion of the repair. A one-year guarantee is given for the work carried out. Typical repairs include heating, electricity, plumbing, carpentry and when a locksmith is needed. Other repairs will also be possible.

Professionals selected for their expertise and responsiveness

This collaboration between the P&V Group and IMA Benelux, its support service provider, Fixiteasy is helping P&V Group’s meet its ambition to develop more services for clients, including those which sit outside the context of insurance products.

As part of their insurance policy, P&V customers already benefit from the assistance service in the case of a claim being made. With the new platform, P&V is also sharing its network of repairers for services not covered under the insurance assistance service. The repair professionals have all been selected by IMA for their expertise and responsiveness, and IMA also provides quality control by independent experts. IMA staff specializing in 24/7 support take responsibility for remote monitoring and telephone support of those using the platform.

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