Swiss Mobiliar launches tenant portal with property management software company

20 September 2019


ICMIF member Swiss Mobiliar and Garaio REM, a leader in property management software, are teaming up to jointly launch a new portal for tenants and estate agents in Switzerland.

One in three Swiss households is insured by Mobiliar. To offer even more comprehensive support to its clients, Swiss Mobiliar is working to grow its position in the housing segment. It has this month announced the launch of the “aroov” renters’ portal in collaboration with Garaio REM, a property management software company in which it has a minority stake.

Digital access to real estate management

The aroov digital platform gives tenants direct access to their property management. “On the new portal, tenants will be able to submit their application, sign the lease, announce possible damages and obtain additional services, such as booking a moving company, taking out a rental guarantee or seeking legal advice” says Thomas Trachsler, Chief Operating Officer of Mobiliar.

Efficiency gains for estate agents

Thanks to aroov, estate agents will be able to digitize their management and communication with tenants, thus saving time and costs. The portal aroov puts tenants and real estate agencies in digital contact with one another. “For each of the stakeholders, the aroov portal brings efficiencies,” explains Trachsler.

For Garaio REM, who developed the software, the collaboration with Mobiliar is a boost for its strategic development in the real estate sector. “In the future, we will be able to offer value-added services to the new aroov renters’ portal, both for estate agents and tenants,” says David Brodbeck, CEO of Garaio REM.

The new aroov tenant portal, in which Mobiliar and Garaio REM are partnering, is an independent player in the sector. The partners are keen to ensure that the aroov portal retains its start-up character and can evolve independently on the market.

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