Second keynote speaker announced for the ICMIF Biennial Conference 2019: Ian Taylor, leading New Zealand innovator and entrepreneur

6 September 2019


The International Cooperative and Mutual Insurance Federation (ICMIF) has confirmed that the second keynote speaker for the ICMIF Biennial Conference (12-15 November 2019) is Ian Taylor. Ian has been described as an ”exemplar of innovation in New Zealand”. The entrepreneur was awarded the 2019 New Zealand Innovator of the Year at the annual New Zealander of the Year Awards, which recognises inspiring Kiwis whose game-changing discoveries, research or inventions are driving society forward.

Back to the future

As the world changes ever faster, so it becomes increasingly difficult for organisations and their leaders to predict the future and plan ahead. It is change, however, that lies at the heart of success for Ian Taylor and the global company that he founded in 1989, Animation Research Ltd: “The business is entering its 30th year now, and we still believe in doing things differently. I’ve never written a business plan,” said Ian Taylor when ICMIF spoke to him recently. Animation Research has continually pushed the boundaries of innovation, and Ian’s experiences will bring a fresh perspective on risk to the ICMIF Biennial Conference: “I don’t think I’ve ever really taken a risk,” he told us; “In fact, I’m not sure what a risk is”. What he is very sure of, however, is his strong belief in the importance of innovation and technology with a social purpose. He also believes that the speed of change is real, and that, only when we know our past, can we look more clearly to the future and have a different world view.

Ian Taylor

Ian Taylor is the founder of Animation Research Ltd (ARL), a computer graphics production facility, and multimedia production company Taylormade Productions. ARL has built and continues to service a Formula 1 (F1) racing simulator for one of the world’s leading F1 race teams and has produced 3D animated graphics and simulators for a range of sports including aerobatics, hot air ballooning, para-gliding, extreme sports, cricket, golf, sailing and more.

Ian Taylor has received many accolades, of which the most recent are 2013 Outstanding Maori Business Leader of the Year and 2019 New Zealand Innovator of the Year.

The ICMIF Biennial Conference agenda

The theme of the conference, The future of mutuality, has driven an agenda which focuses on the future of the customer-owned model in insurance and how our members are creating sustainable, competitive advantage. The agenda is now available online.

The conference will feature leaders from the cooperative/mutual insurance sector as well as external experts from around the world in panel discussions and presentation sessions. Our agenda includes: 

  • Embedding operational agility and innovation in response to a rapidly evolving insurance market
  • Reacting to emerging insurance risks and market uncertainty
  • Remaining relevant to the customers of tomorrow
  • Operating as responsible businesses and integrating the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in our organisations
  • Increasing customers’ wellbeing and societal resilience
  • Shifting our core business objectives from protection to prevention
  • Enhancing the customer experience and strengthening our customer relations through digitalisation and technology
  • Seizing opportunities in the digital ecosystem through new types of strategic partnership
  • Shaping our sector’s future by preparing the organisation’s leaders for a new business world, empowering young talent and upholding our distinct, cooperative/mutual values

ICMIF Young Leaders Programme at the Conference

Following the great success of the ICMIF Young Leaders Programme at the 2017 Conference in London the programme will take place again, this time in Auckland. This unique programme is designed for young professionals who have been identified as strong candidates to become future leaders within their organisations. They can attend the ICMIF Conference at a discounted fee as well as participate in exclusive networking events designed specifically to meet their interests. For more information please see the Conference website where you can read more and watch the ICMIF Young Leaders video.

Find full information on the 2019 ICMIF Biennial Conference here.

For member-only strategic content on the cooperative/mutual insurance sector, ICMIF members have exclusive access to a range of online resources through the ICMIF Knowledge Hub.

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