Protecting and building resilience in coastal communities in Asia Pacific

In the fifth AOA webinar in a series on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), two ICMIF organisations introduce initiatives that contribute to the achievement of the SDGs in relation to ocean, marine and coastal ecosystems. As well as Goal 14 (Life below water), the case studies also focus on Goal 2 (Zero hunger), Goal 8 (Decent work and economic growth), Goal 11 (Sustainable cities and communities) and Goal 13 (Climate action).

National Mutual Insurance Federation of Fishery Co-Operatives (JF Kyosuiren) provides “livelihood security” for  members and residents who live in fishing communities. Kyosuiren also conducts various activities to contribute to the creation of attractive fishing communities where people can live prosperous and secure lives. The publication of the information magazine “Voice of Life” is part of this effort. These activities help protect fishing communities, the fishing industry, Japanes food culture, and the sea. In addition, efforts to mitigate natural disasters and prevent marine accidents lead to stabilisation of its business operations.

Asia Affinity is a holding company based in Hong Kong with a track record in solution development and delivery for last mile community solutions in Asia. The group’s assembly of financial services and development expertise brings a new perspective to impact solutioning. For the past five years, it has been working on solutions to build, enable and protect hitherto marginalised coastal communities in the face of rapid and damaging climate change. Its seaweed initiative is driven by two organisations: MARI Oceans, a community-owned and organised  seaweed farming cooperative for Indonesia creates structure for underserved and fragmented industries; and Sea Green, a blockchain-based digital ecosystem platform for seaweed aquaculture that brings together service components to baseline commercial infrastructure for tropical seaweed farming.


  • Shinsuke Ochi, General Manager, National Mutual Insurance Federation of Fishery Co-Operatives – JF Kyosuiren (Japan)
  • Graham Clark, CEO, Asia Affinity Holdings (Hong Kong)
  • Dodon Yamin, Managing Director, MARI Oceans (Indonesia)
  • Fred Puckle Hobbs, COO, Sea Green (Singapore)

*This webinar was hosted by the Asia and Oceania Association (AOA) of ICMIF.

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