The ICMIF Foundation – The secret of our success so far…

The ICMIF Foundation was established by ICMIF in 2015 and launched its programme The ICMIF 5-5-5 Mutual Microinsurance Strategy in June 2016. Six years on, The ICMIF Foundation is currently insuring 3 million low-income households impacting 15 million lives at a project funding cost of less than USD 1 per policy. Supported by over 30 mutual insurance organisations, The ICMIF Foundation is a true embodiment of our mutual values of helping each other and delivering protection to vulnerable underserved communities.

The webinar, jointly hosted by the Asia and Oceania Association of ICMIF (AOA) and ICMIF, looks at how The ICMIF Foundation has succeeded in making a huge impact on the ground when other microinsurance programmes have struggled. Dr Aris Alip, Founder and first Chairman of The Foundation, provides some valuable insight into the realities of microinsurance; the vision behind The 5-5-5 Strategy; and opportunities for the future. This is followed by presentations from two project partners, RIMANSI in The Philippines and The DHAN Foundation in India, who share the challenges and achievements in implementing their respective programmes and the impact they have had on people’s lives and livelihoods.


  • Dr Aris Alip, Founder and Chairman Emeritus, CARD MRI (Philippines)
  • Jun Jay E. Perez, Executive Director, RIMANSI (Philippines)
  • Ahila Devi, Chief Executive of the People Mutuals, The DHAN Foundation (India)

This webinar was hosted by the Asia and Oceania Association of ICMIF (AOA).

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