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Advanced Management Course

Registrations are now being taken for the 2015 Advanced Management Course. Find out about the benefits of attending this unique six day, intensive course.

Insurance Day partners with ICMIF to offer members a discount

ICMIF and its member organizations are regularly featured in our sector’s favourite daily news source Insurance Day. ICMIF members can now get the publication at a special discounted price. 


This year the ICMIF Communications Leaders Forum meets in Singapore on 24-25 November and the theme will be Mutual and Cooperative Values Sell. Delegates will explore how marketing mutual/cooperative values can help gain competitive advantage and how to boost their influencing strategies.

Global Mutual Market Share

Mutual and cooperative insurers have significantly outperformed the total insurance market since the onset of the global financial crisis of 2007-08, according to the latest research from the International Cooperative and Mutual Insurance Federation (ICMIF).


Key Member Statistics

Member news update: Proposed merger between Engage Mutual and Family Investments

Following the announcement in September (2014) that the boards of both Engage Mutual (an ICMIF member) and Family Investments have recommended a merger between the two organizations, which they say wi…

Sector news: Australian cooperative and mutual Top 100 list uncovers hidden ‘ninja’ economy

The Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals (Australia) 2014 National Mutual Economy Report, was launched on Tuesday 18 November at the Council’s Leaders’ Summit in Sydney. The report’s fi…

SRI news: Desjardins launches website for socially responsible investing

To mark Financial Literacy Month in Canada, Desjardins Wealth Management has launched, a website designed to make information about socially responsible investing (SRI) more accessibl…

Mutual and cooperative values sell

Mutual and cooperative values sell: Sharing our experiences, sharing our successes is another first of its kind ICMIF report, this time showcasing values-based insurance marketing strategies from arou…

Strategic InSights: Changing consumer behaviours

Economic and social shifts during the last decade have created a significantly different type of insurance consumer. The global financial crisis has led to falling incomes in real terms and a commerci…

Market InSights: Latin America 2013

Mutual and cooperative insurers in Latin America reported record premium volumes in 2013, accordingly to the latest figures published by ICMIF’s Business Intelligence department.

Strategic InSights: Good to people, good for business

The primary goal of cooperative/mutual insurers is to manage risk in order to build a better world – from safeguarding the environment, to providing stability in communities, from helping businesses…

Advanced Management Course 2015

“A unique career development opportunity” The cooperative and mutual insurance sector, is presented with many challenges and the demands facing the managers of these organizations has never been …

ICMIF Communications Leaders Forum (CLF) 2014

ICMIF’s Communications Leaders Forum (CLF) meeting will take place in Singapore on 24-25 November this year. NTUC Income will host the two day event at the stunning Raffles Convention Centre, wher…

ICMIF/Americas 22nd Annual Conference - 2014

REINVENTING THE FUTURE The theme of this year’s conference will focus on innovation as it relates to the challenges and opportunities for member-owned insurance companies. We’ll begin by explorin…

ICMIF Claims Conference 2014

EVENT OVERVIEW The 2014 ICMIF Claims Conference provides a unique opportunity for claims directors/managers from the mutual and cooperative insurance industry to sharpen their competitive advantage, t…

Mutual appreciation – a rating agency conundrum

It’s easy to speculate that the rating agencies might not give a mutual (or cooperative) insurer the credit they deserve in the rating process; that an agency may appear more familiar or comfortable…

What have UNICEF and ICMIF got in common? Values.

ICMIF is now finalising a new international partnership with UNICEF to harness the expertise of the cooperative and mutual insurance industry to help the world’s children. In this the fourth and fin…

Beyond the globalization of indifference: Towards a more inclusive economy

The title of this week’s blog comes from some of the terms used in a recent discussion document published by the Vatican. The document was one of the outcomes of a meeting of world leaders from busi…

Influencing sustainable finance at a global level

Influencing sustainable finance at a global level