Innovation and emerging risks

The most challenging strategic changes facing ICMIF members often arise from the rapid development of technological advances and/or the emergence of new risks. Remaining sufficiently agile to deal with these changes allows organisations to keep abreast of the competition, but to get ahead of the competition and remain there requires a strong organisational culture that embraces innovation.

In this section of the ICMIF Knowledge Hub, you can gain insights into current and future market trends, based on real-world knowledge and experiences from other ICMIF members around the world. These insights point to opportunities for serving existing markets better, for reaching new markets, for further enhancing an organisation’s offerings and supporting its brand.

The depth and breadth of the information provided in this section of the Knowledge Hub offers unique value for ICMIF members and sets the Hub apart from other sources of strategic learning, management consultancies or professional development platforms.


ICMIF members have access to a wealth of member value content through its industry leading Knowledge Hub. Some of the recent best practice offerings include:



Enabling agile transformation and cultural change

Securian’s ongoing technology transformation is helping to simplify and modernise the organisation, ultimately accelerating its ability to deliver value to customers. But technology alone is not driving its agile transformation, but rather it is a combination of technology with people, processes and structures to deliver experiences aligned to value. Ultimately, what is driving transformation at Securian is an interdependent exercise of alignment and coordination of its strategy, operating model and culture.


Cognitive computing: a new tool for improved decision-making at La Mobiliere

Swiss Mobiliar (Switzerland) has been developing a new tool for underwriting insurance for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) over the past two years, looking at data-driven technology and artificial intelligence (AI) and cognitive computing in particular, to support evidence-based decision-making. The new tool transforms unstructured data (including free text, images, video and audio files) into structured data in order to make it easier to extract information which can be analysed and used to aid decision-making. The tool can be used as the starting point for a discussion with clients in underwriting and in mitigating risk.



Seeing through the eyes of the customer

Leveraging data and technology provides an opportunity for cooperative and mutual insurance companies to strengthen their relationships with their member-customers. Managing the balance between providing customer convenience through digital interactions and maintaining a personalised level of service – a differentiator for the cooperative/mutual business model - is critical to ensuring that our businesses continue to create the best outcomes and experiences for customers in the future.


The future of insurance: Preparing today for the risks and opportunities of tomorrow

Providing an insight to the changing world, three ICMIF member organisations look at the emerging trends, external developments and new expectations that will impact their business decisions in the future. From their current strategic positioning and approach to anticipating future trends, for the dual purpose of preventing and controlling emerging risks and developing competitive advantage by seizing new business opportunities; to building a new strategy that proactively addresses the future, preparing themselves today to ensure the strength and sustainability of their businesses in the long term.

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